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UFC 202 video: Nick Diaz interviews little girl allegedly hit by McGregor water bottle

During the Conor McGregor-Nate Diaz water bottle melee, a kid was apparently struck by McGregor's throw during the wild and chaotic UFC 202 press conference.

If you missed out on the UFC 202 press conference, it was a doozy. Conor McGregor arrived late, Nate Diaz left early, obscenities were exchanged, Nate threw a water bottle, more bottles and Monster Energy drink cans were thrown, Dana White wasn't pleased, Dave Sholler had to restrain Conor, and "SUPER SMASH DIAZ BROS" was screamed out.

It looks as if during the heated exchange of slinging containers, a young girl was struck, and she claims McGregor threw the bottle. Nick recorded the whole exchange on Snapchat, with video of it still available courtesy of TMZ.

Nick Diaz: "What happened? Did you get hit with a bottle?"

Girl: "Yeah."

Nick: "Who threw it?"

Girl: "Conor McGregor.

Nick: "Ahh that's f**ked up. Bro, why you hittin' kids with bottles?"

Per ESPN's Brett Okamoto, the girl is a sibling of someone with Nate Diaz's camp.

We're three days away from fight night. Can the antics gets any wilder before they step into the Octagon on August 20th?

For the record, the security team at MGM Grand said that Nick Diaz was the one motioning Nate to leave early, and the can and bottle throwing ensured shortly thereafter.