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UFC 202 video: Diaz vs. McGregor press conference ends in bottle throwing war

Nate Diaz's team and Conor McGregor tossed water bottles and cans at each other in a chaotic and premature end to the UFC 202 press conference.

Where do we begin with this UFC 202 press conference? Well for starters, McGregor didn't show up until about 1:30 PM PT, by which point Dana White had already indicated that if Conor bailed the entire thing then the fight would be off. Conor thought the presser started at 1:30, and also blamed crummy Las Vegas traffic for his tardiness.

Little did we know that the press conference would have an unceremonious end just a few minutes later. Diaz abruptly walked off stage while McGregor was talking, shouted something at McGregor and his team, and all hell broke loose as Nate strutted his way out of the David Copperfield Theater.

"Shut your f**kin' mouth, you'll do nothing! You'll do f**kin' nothing! Not one of you will do nothing! Get the f**k out of here. F**k you!" McGregor shouted into his microphone towards Diaz and co. Next thing you know, Nate Diaz throws a water bottle at Conor, and it's bottle and can tossing time between the two parties. You can watch the video at the top of the page, courtesy of Submission Radio, as well as in this UFC on FOX tweet below.

That was the end of that, as Dana White decided enough was enough after warning Conor not to throw the Monster Energy cans went unheeded.  Yes, you saw Nick Diaz and Jake Shields there in the whole fracas, with plenty of double birds exchanged.

What caused the mayhem, you ask? According to LA Times' Lance Pugmire, security says Nick Diaz was a key player in creating this mess.

If you thought the buildup to this fight was relatively tame compared to the fiery nature of their first matchup, you've got your fight week drama.