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Video: Dana White: Jon Jones 'has like 12 lives, it's unbelievable'

Dana White says Jon Jones has '12 lives', as it looks like he may come off unscathed from yet another issue outside the cage.

Earlier this week, Jon Jones took to social media to say that there's an update on his USADA case and that he may be back in the UFC Octagon "really soon". Jones initially tested positive for estrogen blockers, and his camp has claimed that it may have come from a tainted supplement. Suspensions for this would normally be up to two years, but it may be cut short if they prove this to be the case.

Dana White recently said that it 'could look good' for Jones, and he also spoke about it again in an appearance with ESPN.

"He's not wrong," White said about Jones' Instagram video. "Things have taken a turn, and it's looking a little more positive than that."

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"It came out that he had tested positive for something that you get on when you come off of steroids, but that might not be the case now," White said. "I've got to let this thing play out between USADA and the Nevada state athletic commission, but this guy has like 12 lives, it's unbelievable."

"Things are looking up for him."

Jones has had numerous run-ins with the law and other issues outside the cage throughout his career.

Last year, a judge said he "got real lucky" as he avoided jail time from his hit-and-run incident and was put on probation. More recently, he was involved in a 'drag racing' incident and a heated argument with a police officer that was caught on camera. It led to him being arrested for a probation violation, but ended up with a plea deal that only needs him to complete more community service and an 'aggressive driving' course.

Apart from these, Jones also had various issues with driving citations and car crashes, along with a cocaine drug test failure and a press conference brawl, among others.

It wasn't without punishment as he did have fines, hours of community service, and lost massive paydays from cancelled bouts and sponsors, but it certainly could've ended up much worse for the former top pound-for-pound fighter. If Jones does avoid a lengthy suspension, he may once again overcome a hurdle outside the cage and get another chance to continue an already hall-of-fame caliber career inside of it.