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Video - Nick Diaz in heated argument with USADA: 'You're gonna have to wait 5-6 hours!'

Nick Diaz recorded a recent confrontation with a USADA agent over Snapchat. And it sounds like he's not too happy with their random drug testing schedule.

Nick Diaz is off suspension. And talk is already swirling about what his next UFC fight might be. GSP, Robbie Lawler, Tyron Woodley? Of course, before he can fight again he's got to pass his random drug testing under USADA, and it seems he's already running into trouble with the UFC's anti-doping agency.

In a recent video on Nick Diaz's Snapchat, the welterweight fighter recorded and shared an argument with a USADA agent coming for a drug test. In the video, Diaz tells the agent to come back in 5 to 6 hours so that he can get some sleep.

"You're going to have to wait 5 or 6 hours, I just got here I want to go to sleep, I've been here all night," Diaz tells the USADA agent.

The agent tells Diaz that if he is unable to take the drug test that he will be given a two year suspension. Nick Diaz continues to argue with the agent.

"Why don't you come tomorrow, why not tomorrow? I've fucking been out all night I have shit to do this week I want to go to sleep! I want to wake up by 2 o'clock!"

From the looks of his Instagram stories around the same time, being "out all night" meant a lot of partying. But, later in Diaz's Snapchat story he tells his fans that he has given USADA his hotel room number and that he will be waiting on them.

UPDATE: Several hours after posting the two videos above, Diaz snapped a video of what appears to be a USADA agent in his hotel room.