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Bisping fires back at Weidman: ‘Go and win a fight’ before you challenge me

Michael Bisping responds to Chris Weidmans insults, encouraging ‘All-American’ to win a fight before he challenges for the title again.

UFC Fight Night: Rockhold v Bisping Press Event Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

Chris Weidman has been calling Michael Bisping out ever since he was selected to replace him against Luke Rockhold at UFC 199. Weidman was forced out of the bout with injury and ‘The Count’ - who was a massive underdog - went on to win the middleweight title.

Since the win, which cemented Bisping as the first British champion in UFC history, Weidman has continued to call out the newly-crowned champ. Last week on The MMA Hour, ‘All-American’ said it’s a ‘little embarrassing’ that Bisping has accomplished such a feat.

Bisping responded via the Daily Star, and claimed that Weidman is worried he might not ever fight for the belt again.

"The logic just doesn't stack up because I just knocked out a guy in three minutes that beat the living daylights out of you," Bisping said. "So why would I be running scared from him?

"You don't get title shots coming off a loss unless your name is Chael Sonnen. So go and win a fight, Chris.”

Weidman, who lost the 185 pound title to Rockhold at UFC 194, is currently nursing a back injury and looks to return to training in the coming weeks.

Bisping, on the other hand, will look to defend his title for the first time against Dan Henderson at UFC 204. The pay-per-view is expected to take place on October 8 at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester, England.

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