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UFC champ Tyron Woodley shows text messages with Georges St-Pierre about return

Tyron Woodley has showed a screenshot of his text messages with GSP expressing interest in a championship bout for his UFC return.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Shortly after he knocked out Robbie Lawler to take the UFC belt, Tyron Woodley called out Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz as he looked toward bigger money fights for his first title defense. He mentioned St-Pierre having expressed interest in the match up, and was recently asked about his conversation with him.

"Hey this stuff just gets through," Woodley laughed when asked by the Buzzer about receiving a text message from GSP. "I might have had a text message about the potential of us fighting. Both of us mutually agreed it was a good idea."

"I like UFC 205 in New York City. Georges St-Pierre has a huge following. He is not far from New York as well, and he trained at Renzo Gracie, so he has a huge following there just from the martial arts aspect."

"This is the biggest opportunity for the UFC to blow this out of the water. You've got the former champion. You've got the future of the sport. I think we meet heads, and I think it's a good match up."

Woodley has since released the text messages on social media which occurred a day after his championship win.

Georges St-Pierre is currently negotiating with the UFC on a return and has already started the USADA testing process for a comeback.

Interestingly enough, Dana White has gone on record to say that he wants Woodley's first defense to be against top contender Stephen Thompson instead.