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Conor McGregor's next fight? Coach prefers 155, UFC matchmakers 'fully believe' it's 145

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Will Conor McGregor drop back down to featherweight? His coach and matchmaker seem to have varying opinions on the matter. 

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MMA: UFC 194-Aldo vs McGregor-Weigh Ins Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor faced Nate Diaz originally at 170 lbs because it was a short notice fight and the Stockton native would've had trouble making the lightweight limit in just a few days. On UFC 202, they're running it all back, and still competing at the same division.

With the featherweight champ still competing outside the division, the question remains. Will he go back to featherweight?

His coach John Kavanagh, is routinely asked this, and was careful to preface his statements by saying that Conor McGregor hasn't really decided anything yet. As for his own view on the matter, he believes Conor should move to lightweight.

"In my personal opinion, I would like to see Conor at '55," Kavanagh said on a recent appearance on the Anik and Florian podcast. "That's just me as his long time trainer, and in somewhat his big brother. I would be encouraging him to stick to '55."

On the other hand, the person booking him fights seems to have a different thought process. UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby, who handles bouts on the lighter weight classes, expects McGregor to drop down to defend his title.

"I'll be lining up fighters for him," Shelby said at The UFC 202 Watch List. "I fully believe he will be back with us -- with me -- at the 145 lb division."

Jose Aldo is the interim champion at 145, and Max Holloway is also waiting on the wings for his much deserved shot at the title. If McGregor beats Diaz, a possible lightweight title bout against Eddie Alvarez would also seem like a good option.

In the end, as Kavanagh states, the final decision probably won't come from Dana White, who promised Aldo a shot, nor would it be from the matchmakers.

"Whatever Conor wants to do, he will do. Whatever he says to me he wants to do, I will support him," Kavanagh said.

"With the likes of George Lockhart, on board, he made 145 against Aldo, very very comfortably. His current walk around weight is around about the same as his walking around weight at 145 anyway. It's not like he has gained a lot of weight and it is impossible to go back down. He could do it," he said. "But you, asking me for my personal opinion, I would encourage '55."

McGregor cuts down a lot of weight to make the featherweight limit. Here are before and after shots of Conor weighing in at 145 lbs vs 170 lbs.