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Bloody Elbow Cross Promotion: Starting your own MMA org with Josh Samman

Zane Simon is joined by UFC middleweight, BE contributor, and Combat Night promoter Josh Samman to talk about the ins and outs of starting his own MMA promotion.

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It's a non-event week. These days that's about as rare hen's teeth, or so the saying goes. The next one appears to be in late October, and that may just be because the UFC has yet to look that far ahead. Either way, since we've got the down time, I've brought in Josh Samman for the second episode of Bloody Elbow Cross Promotion. We could talk about the UFC, or about middleweight weirdness (and someday we just might), but instead we're here to discuss his own MMA startup, Combat Night. Combat Night is an amateur MMA promotion that Samman and longtime friend Mitchel Chamale started several years ago, running small shows on the Florida scene.

As both a pro fighter at the highest level and a promoter, Josh seemed like the perfect person to tab for his thoughts on running a small MMA show, and why anyone would want to do it.

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