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GGG vs. Brook 30-day weigh-ins: Kell Brook 176, Gennady Golovkin 165

At the WBC 30-day weigh-ins on August 10th, IBF 147 lbs champion Kell Brook rather surprisingly weighed 11 pounds heavier than his opponent, world #1 160 lbs powerhouse Gennady Golovkin.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

We're just one month away from WBC/WBA/IBF champion Gennady Golovkin (35-0, 32 KOs) taking on Kell Brook (36-0, 25 KOs) in London, England on HBO Boxing. It's a fight that came to fruition after Chris Eubank Jr. and his father effectively priced themselves out of fighting GGG, and it's one that can best be described as completely unexpected. GGG is the consensus #1 middleweight (160 lbs) in the world who has stayed in his weight class throughout his career. Kell Brook is the IBF welterweight (147 lbs) champion who hasn't weighed in as a middleweight since 2004, his first year as a professional.

Today was the mandatory WBC 30-day weigh-in for both boxers. The rule states that fighters can't exceed more than 10% of the contracted weight. In this instance, neither Golovkin nor Brook can be heavier than 176 pounds. The results may surprise you...

That's right, Golovkin is almost at his target weight, while career welterweight Brook is 16 pounds away. For context, here are the 30 day weigh-in numbers for Golovkin's last 2 fights.

Golovkin (165) vs. David Lemieux (175.4)
Golovkin (164) vs. Dominic Wade (175.6)

Golovkin typically rehydrates up to around 170-172 on HBO's unofficial fight night scales. Brook has admitted in the past that he struggles to make the welterweight limit, so perhaps this is a sign that Brook won't be sticking around at 147 lbs much longer. At a minimum, for whatever criticism this fight is getting, it won't be like Canelo vs. Khan where Alvarez's size advantage over Khan, a former 135 lbs fighter, was quite noticeable.

Brook and GGG will re-weigh again 7 days before the September 10th fight, by which point they aren't allowed to weigh heavier than 168 pounds, or 5% in excess of the middleweight limit.

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