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UFC 200 Highlights: Pena beats Zingano by unanimous decision

Check out the highlights for the UFC 200 preliminary fight between Cat Zinagno and Julianna Pena.

Julianna Pena picked up the biggest win of her professional career when she defeated Cat Zinagno by unanimous decision on the main preliminary fight ahead of the UFC 200 PPV.

R2: Zingano gets deep on a body lock after an early entry and finishes it, landing in full guard. Zingano tries to attack with elbows but Pena again has effective control of her head and posture. Zingano backs off and they reset on the feet but Zingano flings her back to the canvas from the body lock, landing in side mount. Pena goes onto one hip and Zingano loses position going for a reverse triangle that's not there.

Pena is now on top and in side control. Pena cross-faces with a Gable grip as Zingano turtles. Pena scampers behind Zingano with a waist lock but she can't get a hook in. Pena gets one hook in, then puts both in and switches to a body triangle with full back control. Pena fishing for the rear-naked choke but Zingano fights it off. 10-9 Pena.

R3: Zingano forces an early clinch but Pena hits a counter inside trip, then passes to half guard. Pena with a short right elbow to the face. Pena passes to side mount and lands a back-elbow to the ribs but Zingano gets her half guard back. Another elbow from Pena. Zingano turtles and Pena moves to her back.

One loose hook in for Pena with a seatbelt grip. Now both hooks for Pena, and she wrenches a face crank before Zingano hand-fights out of it. Pena holds back control until time expires. I have it 29-28 Pena.

Julianna Pena defeats Cat Zingano by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)