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UFC 200 Highlights: Joe Lauzon TKOs Diego Sanchez in Round 1

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Check out the highlights for the UFC 200 Fight Pass prelim between Joe Lauzon and Diego Sanchez.

The UFC 200 event is off to a ferocious start, as the third UFC Fight Pass prelim ended in violent fashion. Joe Lauzon knocked out Diego Sanchez in the opening round of their contest.

Check out the video above and the play-by-play below:

R1: Sanchez lands a left round kick to the body, then a glancing uppercut. Now a lead left to the body for Sanchez. Lauzon wades forward in a low stance, winging wide heaters with both hands. A left hook catches Sanchez square and drops him. Lauzon stays on the trigger and wobbles Sanchez with another, though he's still on his feet. Sanchez tries to circle out and get some space but blatantly staggers away, clearly out of sorts. The ref steps in and waves it off.