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Watch: Jon Jones, his mask, and the UFC 200 fiasco

Connor Ruebusch of Bloody Elbow takes a look at the puzzling personality of Jon Jones, whose potential doping violation prior to UFC 200 may have tarnished his legacy for good.

Jon Jones is not an easy man to understand. Good deeds and bad vibes, the greatest light heavyweight of all time has always struggled to connect with fans, and has proven time and again to be a danger to himself and those around him.

Jones' latest difficulty came in the form of a USADA flag for potential doping. Fearing the worst, the UFC was forced to cancel Jones' rematch with rival Daniel Cormier, cutting out the main event of the biggest event in UFC--and indeed MMA history.

Should USADA's test results be verified, Jones could very well find himself on the receiving end of a two-year ban, and the impressive legacy that he has compiled--which until now fans might have viewed as the cost of his troubled life outside the cage--is now cast into doubt. Whatever happens, this is yet another confusing bump in the winding road that is Jon Jones' life and career.