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White: Georges St-Pierre is done, I know the mentality of fighters who don't want to fight

Despite Georges St-Pierre's recent comments regarding a return to MMA, UFC president Dana White is still adamant the former welterweight champion will never fight again.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Dana White doesn't believe Georges St-Pierre is interested in a return to mixed martial arts competition, despite recent comments.

St-Pierre, a former UFC welterweight champion, made an appearance on's The MMA Hour last month and revealed he was in negotiations with the UFC. This wasn't the first time it seemed like a St-Pierre return was in store, but the 35-year-old appeared more serious about returning than ever. He said he underwent a training camp recently, which included sparring, and the results were positive.

"What I did is I did a training camp to see where I'm at," St-Pierre said. "I've been training, but being in shape and being in fighting shape is something different. I did a training to push myself and go back to the highest level of competition. I didn't fight, but I put myself through a training camp and I sparred and everything, and I did it successfully. Now I know for a fact that I could go back and fight, if my management and the UFC get to an agreement.

"I love my sport and I still feel I'm at my best right now. The clock is running. I'm not getting any younger. I'm in the peak of my career and if there is a shot, there is another goal, another run, I better do it and do it quick, because it is time to do it now."

White has been adamant that St-Pierre will always remain retired ever since the French-Canadian initially stepped away from the sport after a controversial title defense over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November 2013. And he still is.

"Georges St-Pierre will not fight again," White told the media following the UFC 200 weigh-ins on Friday (via Fight Network). "I've said that before, and I'll say it again. Georges St-Pierre is done. He is retired and he will not fight again. I've dealt with him, and we've been dealing with this thing. I've been in this since I was 19-years-old. I know the mentality of a fighter that wants to fight and I know the mentality of a fighter that does not want to fight.

"He's been saying [he wants to return] for a long time. I wholeheartedly believe you will never see Georges St-Pierre in the Octagon again, unless he's cornering somebody."

White confirmed St-Pierre will be in attendance at UFC 200, which takes place from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday evening.

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