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UFC 200: Anderson Silva not worried about Cormier: 'I'm here to test myself'

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Anderson Silva welcomes his fight against Daniel Cormier as a challenge for himself at UFC 200, on July 9.

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Anderson Silva
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Anderson Silva doesn't mind fighting Daniel Cormier on such short notice at UFC 200. In fact, as "The Spider" told Combate, he feels blessed with the opportunity and rests assured nobody will ever be able to have a legacy such as his in MMA.

"I went through a lot of phases in the UFC," Silva said. "Nobody was able to beat my records until this day. It's awesome to have a challenge such as this. Fighting a guy like Cormier in the UFC. I am a blessed guy. I can only say thank you to Dana White and my fans. No matter the outcome, I'm here to test myself, not to say I'm better than someone. What I did is done. I believe nobody will ever come close to doing what I did."

As for the fight against the light heavyweight champion, Silva says he's not worried and that he has been through worse in the UFC.

"If I were worried, I wouldn't be here," Silva said. "A fight is a fight. I have been through all the worst stuff that can happen to you in the UFC. Nothing else can surprise me. I'm facing a challenge. I don't want people to think I'm underestimating the fact that he's the champion. I'm not here to challenge him. I'm here to test myself. I do think I can have a good fight against him, even though I haven't trained in a long time and just came out of surgery."

Anderson Silva stepped in on two days notice to take on Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, after Jon Jones tested positive for banned substances back on June 16. Due to those conditions, the bout was changed to a non-title, three-round match.

The main event of tonight's card, in Las Vegas, will now be the female bantamweight title fight between champion Miesha Tate and challenger Amanda Nunes.