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UFC 200: Tommy Toehold's full card breakdown

Bloody Elbow content partner, Tommy Toehold does the impossible by breaking down UFC 200 in under 4 minutes.

UFC 200 is being touted as the biggest card since, well, UFC 100 (makes sense, right?). The promotion has pulled out all the stops with a rumored $10M advertising budget, and stacking the card so efficiently, that even the loss of the Cormier/Jones bout didn't completely upend the event.

When you factor in that the brass scrambled to get one of the most beloved, legendary fighters in the sport to face the light heavyweight champ on just 3 day's notice, and what was once a near catastrophe is now a crowd pleaser from top to bottom. Say what you will, but Daniel Cormier vs. Anderson Silva is going to be entertainment personified.

Our content partner, Tommy Toehold, has taken to doing an expedited, complete card breakdown for all UFC events, and he's pretty good at it. Tommy's pretty good at most things that don't involve leg day. So, here it is, your cartoon brother's UFC 200 breakdown.

*Here is one of Tommy's fight predictions transcribed for you:

"In our co-main event, we have the return of the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. He's taking on Mark Hunt. Lesnar has a massive reach advantage here, but Hunt's striking is on a completely different level. Both absorb and land roughly the same amount of significant strikes per minute, but to me, Brock's numbers are skewed slightly due to his lack of fights and high volume of strikes.

Hunt's takedown defense is underrated and he has a low center of gravity. Hunt catches Lesnar with a shot coming in for a takedown and finishes the fight early. If Lesnar instead keeps it standing and tries to utilize his reach, I think we get the same outcome, just possibly later in the fight. Either way, barring an early takedown and pounding of Hunt from the top by Lesnar, the Super Samoan wins this one and wins it big."

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