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UFC 200 Video: How Cormier reacted after learning Jones tested positive

Daniel Cormier was willing to sign a release and fight Jon Jones despite his positive test.

Three days after he was supposed to settle the score with his long time rival, Daniel Cormier found out that Jon Jones failed his USADA test and had to be pulled out of UFC 200. Dana White informed DC backstage, and seen on the latest episode of UFC Embedded is his reaction to the news.

"Come on dude, Dana Come on," said a distraught Cormier. "Oh man, I trained so hard."

"Like is there anything I can do? I'll sign a release and we can just fight," Cormier said, before White immediately shut down the idea. "That's a bummer. I put a lot into this. F*ck. It's actually madness."

According to White, Jones tested positive for two banned substances, and his B-sample is currently being tested.

Stepping in on just 2 days notice against Cormier, is former middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who will move up for this 3-round light heavyweight contest. Unfortunately, the 41-year-old legend has admitted that he hasn't really been training much the past few months after coming off gall bladder surgery.