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Anderson Silva on replacing Jon Jones at UFC 200: 'I haven't trained in a few months'

Anderson Silva is stepping in on short notice against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200. Unfortunately, he admits to not really have trained much the last few months.

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva has officially replaced Jon Jones at UFC 200, and will be taking on Daniel Cormier in a 3-round non-title bout at light heavyweight. The 41-year-old had gall bladder surgery a few months back, and had to run last minute medicals to make this bout happen. Unfortunately, this also meant that he hasn't exactly been very active recently.

"I'm here to challenge myself. I haven't trained in a few months, but I think I'm in good condition to go in there and put in a good fight," Silva said through a translator.

"I'm on weight. Thankfully I don't have to cut weight," he said. "I wasn’t really training that hard or preparing for a fight. But I actually sparred yesterday."

Even though Silva is coming in just 1 day before the weigh-ins and hasn't registered a win in 4 years, Dana White still put on his promoter hat and tried to sell the fight.

"Anderson Silva is undefeated at 205. Not just undefeated, devastatingly undefeated," White said. "Every time he has moved up at 205 lbs, he has looked even better than he did at '85."

Silva lost to Michael Bisping last February. His last official win was back in 2012, against Stephan Bonnar.

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