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UFC Video: Watch Eddie Alvarez TKO Rafael Dos Anjos to win lightweight belt

Watch the full fight video highlights from the main event of UFC Fight Night: Vegas as Eddie Alvarez ran through Rafael Dos Anjos for the UFC lightweight belt.

The headline matchup for UFC Fight Night Vegas was for the UFC lightweight strap as Rafael Dos Anjos took on Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez weathered the early aggression of Dos Anjos and answered with an assortment of punches to capture the UFC lightweight title. Check out the highlights from the UFC above.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play of Eddie Alvarez's first round punches in bunches:

R1: Sharp inside low kick starts things off for Alvarez. And another. Dos Anjos lands short on a straight left and Alvarez answers with a right. Inside low kick is there for the champ, then he glides forward to land a stout uppercut. Glancing left cross from dos Anjos. Alvarez with a light inside low kick that flows into a blast double leg; Dos Anjos tries to roll him and they separate in the transition, though dos Anjos catches him with a short knee after they stand up.

Alvarez erupts into a scorching flurry and he blasts dos Anjos with a right hand, causing him to reel backwards. Alvarez morphs into a virtual propeller of flying leather, swarming dos Anjos with endless salvos of tightly sprung power punches. He maintains the freakish pace, battering the champion with every sort of left and right imaginable. Dos Anjos amazingly stays on his feet though he's barely lucid. Herb Dean finally steps in to cease the one-sided mauling. We have a new lightweight champion.

Eddie Alvarez defeats Rafael Dos Anjos by TKO (punches) R1

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