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UFC 200 video: Mark Hunt teases shop assistant, claims he's a 'KFC' fighter

Mark Hunt has some fun in this fourth episode of UFC 200 Embedded.

Mark Hunt is one of the scariest competitors in the modern-day UFC. One of his punches is all it takes to put literally everyone on the UFC roster to sleep. Ask Antonio Silva or Frank Mir, they can tell. But Mark Hunt is also a very nice and funny guy, who doesn't mind making fun of himself on every occasion possible.

Only days away from arguably the biggest fight of his life, a UFC 200 main event versus Brock Lesnar, the "Super Samoan" strolls through a Las Vegas shopping mall with his crew, when a shop assistant asks him, if he's a fighter.

"No, I just eat a lot," was Hunt's joking answer. "I eat too much."

"UFC?," the assistant followed up with a grin. And Hunt replied with a big laugh: "KFC!"

You can watch the funny conversation in it's entirety in the fourth episode of UFC 200 Embedded above.

Hunt welcomes the returning Brock Lesnar back to the Octagon at UFC 200. Since above footage was filmed, much has happened. The original main-event fight between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones has been scrapped, due to a possible anti-doping violation from Jones.

Lesnar vs. Hunt is now the new main event of the historic UFC 200, this Saturday July 9.

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