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UFC 200 video: Hunt explains 'simplest game plan', Brock Lesnar asks for 5XL gloves

Samoan knockout artist Mark Hunt has a very simple game plan in place for the returning Brock Lesnar.

K-1 veteran Mark Hunt is no fan of complex game plans. At least he doesn't give the impression when he is asked what his strategy will be against the returning Brock Lesnar at UFC 200.

Hunt respects Lesnar's accomplishments in the UFC, but leaves no doubt what will happen as soon as the Octagon door closes this Saturday.

"Brock Lesnar is a former UFC champion. He's won the world title in four fights. That does not matter for me, I'm just gonna punch him in the face until he doesn't get up," Hunt said during the third episode of UFC 200 Embedded, which you can watch above. "Punch him in the face, punch him in the face, punch him in the face, and then punch him in the face a few more times. It the simplest game plan ever."

Lesnar will make his UFC comeback against Hunt after an over four-year hiatus this Saturday at UFC 200. He is said to be vulnerable to punches, and believed to be the big underdog in this fight by many fans and pundits. Hunt is coming off two back-to-back first-round knockout wins over Antonio Silva and Frank Mir.

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