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BJJ champ: Conor McGregor has 'great jiu-jitsu', 'amazing on the ground'

Dillon Danis spoke about UFC champ Conor McGregor's grappling skills.

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Dillon Danis, a decorated black belt under Marcelo Garcia, was recently tasked to help out Conor McGregor ahead of his UFC rematch against Nate Diaz. The BJJ champ recently spoke about the Irishman's skill set, and he was very complimentary of McGregor's grappling.

"Conor is a great fighter," Danis told Flo Grappling. "If I was here, or if I wasn't here, he would still be a great fighter."

"It's unfair," he said about the criticism on McGregor's grappling. "Conor is amazing on the ground. One submission loss doesn’t mean anything."

"If you go to a jiu-jitsu tournament and a guy loses by submission you’re gonna say 'ok that guy sucks'? It's bullshit man. Conor is a great fighter, he’s got great jiu-jitsu. I’m having a blast here. I'm learning from him and he’s learning from me. It's a great combo."

Apart from his skills on the mat, Danis also had nice things to say about McGregor's mindset in the gym.

"It's so easy to see why this guy is a champion. If you come here, you can see everything that he kinda got and he achieved, he deserves," he said. "A lot of guys you usually train with, at the end of the class, they're tired. They say get a partner, and the guy usually gets the easier guy in the room, someone that's not going to push them. Conor always goes for the best guy in the room. In jiujitsu, he always calls me out. I love it. He's the guy who always wants to go and be the best."

In the past, Eddie Bravo also shared a similar account on Conor's willingness to learn and take on the best BJJ guys at his 10th planet gym.

McGregor, a BJJ brown belt, will try to avenge his submission loss to Diaz when they rematch at UFC 202.

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