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Brother vs Brother Part 3: When the enemy is not the enemy

The health of a brotherhood swings in the balance as Ben Fodor, a.k.a. Phoenix Jones, and brother Caros Fodor are preparing to do battle against one another at the World Series of Fighting 32.

It is down right impossible for an outsider to fully understand the dichotomy shared between brothers, let alone when said brothers are set to square off inside of a cage in less than 30 days. Ben Fodor, also known as Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones, is scheduled to compete against his brother Caros Fodor at WSOF32 on July 30, 2016. With the bout date approaching, Ben Fodor took to social media with a glimpse of himself trying to wrap his head around fighting his own brother.

"Brother I'm sorry life is rarely fair. Its a mean nasty broken place. Im sorry if my choices, lies, jealousy, or just my general nature hurt you. I hope you understand that you won. Im not going to be the same and our family is not going to be the same. This was your choice and I think you knew that it would hurt me when our friends and family would not pick sides. I've always lived by if your not with me your against me. So in my mind everyone in the middle is against me even if its not how they intended it."

You can see the original post HERE, via Facebook, as well as embedded below:

Phoenix Jones Ben Fodor via Facebook/Instagram
Phoenix Jones Ben Fodor via Facebook/Instagram

Phoenix Jones Ben Fodor via Facebook/Instagram

Included in his post was a screenshot of a text message conversation with somebody by the name of 'Coco'. It has not been confirmed whether or not that 'Coco' is in fact Caros Fodor.

Phoenix Jones via Ben Fodor Facebook/Instagram

Will Ben Fodor and Caros Fodor bury the hatchet after their bout; or, will this battle only further perpetuate their bad blood? Tune in to the World Series of Fighting 32 from Everett, Washington on July 30, 2016 to find out. Follow Bloody Elbow for continuous event coverage of WSOF 32; including updates regarding these two brothers at odds.

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Ben Fodor vs Caros Fodor World Series of Fighting

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