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UFC featherweight Jeremy Stephens challenges online 'trolls' to unsanctioned fight

'Lil' Heathen' isn't happy the about online keyboard warriors and challenges them to an unsanctioned fight.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Stephens doesn't react too well to online criticism. On Friday, the No. 7 ranked featherweight contender sent a stern message to all keyboard warriors on The Underground forums (h/t Stephie Haynes of Bloody Elbow).

"Just throwing this out there......

If there is anyone wanting to promote some fights (street or gym, I can't do sanctioned) and pay trolls / keyboard warriors to fight me.... YES!! I'm in.

Without a doubt, I'd be all in for some shit like that. Hopefully SOMEONE can make this happen sooner or later.

I would love to throw all right hands at keyboard warriors with Hbombs at the end. Any dude of any weight can get it."

Lil Heathen seems to be responding to those criticising some of his behaviour in the Octagon. The 30-year-old is known to follow up with devastating strikes after his opponent has already been knocked unconscious. His fight with Marcus Davis, in particular, included a follow-up overhand right after 'The Irish Hand Grenade' had been laid out on the mat.

Stephens addressed the critics on Instagram, claiming that fighters who look for the referee to stop the fight are 'pussy martial artists.'

"I can't help but laugh when the sensitive dudes that complain that I fight until the ref steps in. Incase it wasn't obvious enough, I'm a head hunting true fighter that reacts on killer instinct, not the pussy martial artist begging refs to stop the fight. I'm going hard with the will to win, no matter if I'm winning or losing, and the only thing stopping me is the sound of the bell or the ref pulling me off.....
If you are one of those sensitive dudes that can't handle a savage fight.... Don't watch and stick to cricket, golf or video games. It's as simple as that," Stephens posted.

Stephens last fought at UFC Fight Night: Almeida vs. Garbrandt, which saw the Californian earn an upset unanimous decision win over former bantamweight champion Renan Barao in the co-main event. The bout earned Fight of the Night honours and Stephens is considered one of the most fierce brawlers in the division.

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