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Nate Diaz releases cryptic tweet saying the UFC 'played' him again

UFC star Nate Diaz has released a cryptic tweet insinuating that the organization has run afoul of him once again.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In the ongoing chronicles of Nate Diaz vs. The UFC, a new develop seems to be emerging via Nate's social media. Less than an hour ago, Diaz put out a pretty cryptic tweet suggesting that the UFC had "played" him again. Going back through the years, Nate and the UFC have had several run-ins stemming from low fighter pay and trust issues. He has called out the organization several times, and has been one of the few athletes willing to stand in defiance of upper management.

After an historic win over McGregor, his public footprint has increased 100-fold, and we're seeing a much more relaxed, charismatic version popping up on mainstream shows and fielding interviews like he was born to it. With all that extra attention of the sports world squarely on him, he's not wasting any time at all in making points about fighter treatment. Here's the tweet with the accompanying text.

"Ufc played me again #trustnobody "

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