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UFC's Novitzky contacts Mark Hunt after anti-UFC rant

Mark Hunt was not happy with a lot of things surrounding his UFC 200 loss to Brock Lesnar, and vented his feelings in an interview. Now, Jeff Novitzky has contacted the big man to address his concerns.

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Samoan's voice was most definitely heard yesterday. As a guest on The MMA Hour, Mark Hunt went on an epic rant against the UFC, accusing them of doing nothing to stop cheaters like Brock Lesnar among many other things. Lesnar defeated Hunt at UFC 200, then it came out that he tested positive for a banned anti-estrogen agent. Hunt demanded Lesnar's purse, and called for a long suspension.

He also made it clear that he thought the UFC knew about the positive test before the bout, but let Lesnar fight anyway. Along with that, he stated that no one from the UFC had contacted him at all since everything went down.

That got the attention of UFC anti-drug czar Jeff, Novitzky. A UFC official told ESPN that Novitzky had contacted Hunt after the interview:

"A UFC official told that Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky had "a lengthy conversation with Hunt" on Monday and that dialogue was "positive."

According to the official, the conversation was to "address Hunt's concerns with Lesnar's potential anti-doping violation, as well as the results management process related to the case."

In response to Hunt's concerns regarding the time frame in which the UFC knew of Lesnar's potential violation, the official adamantly denied any knowledge prior to July 9."

Hunt hasn't spoken out about the conversation as of yet, but you can bet he will sooner than later. Meanwhile, Lesnar is going about his business in WWE, as he will be returning to Raw next Monday ahead of his SummerSlam bout with Randy Orton.

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