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UFC 201 full free fight video: Tyron Woodley KOs Josh Koscheck

Before Tyron Woodley fights Robbie Lawler for the UFC welterweight championship, watch Woodley's November 2013 annihilation of Josh Koscheck.

On November 16th, 2013, welterweights Josh Koscheck and Tyron Woodley were matched against each other at UFC 167. Koscheck had been KO'd by Robbie Lawler at UFC 157, while Woodley had just lost a split decision to Jake Shields.

If you have time to watch Koscheck get absolutely destroyed, watch the video at the top of the page. The final two right hands Woodley lands on Koscheck are pure savagery, with Joe Rogan letting out a loud scream even by Rogan's standards.

Here's Brent Brookhouse's PBP:

Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley - Round 1 -Woodley lands a big right hand that hurts Koscheck and a big knee. Koscheck is looking for a takedown now. A good right hand by Woodley and a leg kick. Now Koscheck with a right hand and Woodley is going in reverse. Woodley with a cuffing right hand and some more really big shots. Huge punches and somehow Koscheck doesn't go out. He is eventually able to hold on long enough that they're stood back up. Huge shot to the side of Koscheck's face, he drops into a squat and Woodley drills him with two more shots and it's over. That was violent.

And here's the reaction from the Bloody Elbow community.

Tyron Woodley will look to unseat Robbie Lawler as UFC welterweight champion in the Saturday, July 30th main event of UFC 201, at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

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