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Crawford vs Postol results: Crawford dominates Postol in decision win

Terence Crawford turned in a dominating performance tonight, taking out Viktor Postol in a lopsided unanimous decision.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Terence Crawford def. Viktor Postol by unanimous decision (118-107, 118-107, 117-108)

Terence Crawford vs. Viktor Postol was a fight between the top two 140 pound fighters in the world, two undefeated fighters who seemed ready to engage in a close, pick 'em fight. And for the first 4 rounds, that's what happened, with a careful chess match type of fight. Then in the 5th, Crawford dropped Postol with the round's first punch, and from there, it was all Terence Crawford. He put Postol down twice in the 5th and never allowed Postol back in the fight, winning every round after that to take a unanimous decision win. While some may view this as a poorly matched one-sided fight, it was more a case of Crawford showing that the hype around him is real and that he is truly a great fighter. Postol is very good - but he's not Crawford, as we learned tonight.

In the post-fight interview, Max Kellerman talked about a possible Crawford vs. Manny Pacquiao fight. Crawford was cagey about it, saying it was up to his team.

Recap all the action in this round by round coverage:

R1: Very tentative, feeling out round here with few punches landed or thrown. Postol using his reach well though - that looks like it will be a factor in this fight, as he never allowed Crawford to get past it and get inside. 10-9 Postol

R2: The majority of the round was similar to round 2 - slow, tentative, and favoring Postol thanks to his reach. Crawford got inside a few times, but it ended up in both men tied up. Late in the round, Crawford landed a solid left hand, best punch of the fight so far for either man. 10-9 Crawford

R3: Both men looking for the counters here, but both are also aware that the other man is looking to counter, so are tentative to throw. The result is a very technical, but so far not tremendously exciting fight. Postol finds a home for his right hand a few times here, though not enough to make a significant impact. 10-9 Postol

R4: Crawford lands a hard shot early in the round, Psotol bites down and comes back angry, Crawford responds and it is on. Pace picks up here, but that faster pace and more wild style favors Crawford, who lands better shots here, inc.luing some stiff inside shots as Postol tried to tie him up. Most dominant round of the fight so far. 10-9 Crawford

R5: First punch of the round drops Viktor Postol - the first time he has been down in his career. He pops right back up, but that's a down. From there, Crawford is feeling it as he is loose and in control. A minute later, Crawford flurries, Postol is staggered, his glove touches the mat, and he's counted down again. Postol is not badly hurt here, but Crawford's power is superior, and it's obviously making a difference. 10-7 Crawford

R6: Postol clearly has lost a little bit of steam here, as his footwork is not as crisp and he is now struggling to either land on Crawford or keep him off. Crawford uses his movement well and is able to land more effectively - nothing as dramatic as last round, but this has become Terence Crawford's fight. 10-9 Crawford

R7: Before the round, Freddie Roach implored Postol to cut off the ring, but that's not happening, and it's an issue. Crawford continues to circle on the outside, forcing Postol to chase him, and Postol doesn't have an answer for that. Crawford evades well, and at times finds the right angle to land clean, leaving Postol confused and somewhat visibly flustered at times. 10-9 Crawford

R8: Twice in the round, Crawford lands hard shots that stagger Postol and very nearly send him to the mat. Crawford continues to move, often without throwing, but even when he's not throwing a lot, Postol can't find him. At this point, it doesn't seem like Postol has a plan that will lead him to victory as after an interesting opening few rounds, Crawford is now completely dominating. 10-9 Crawford

R9: Halfway through the round, Crawford jumps inside, lands a stiff 1-2, and hurts Postol badly. Postol goes into full retreat mode, Crawford tries for the kill, but Postol quickly recovers and things get back into their now established groove. CompuBox had Postol as landing just 1 punch in the round. 10-9 Crawford

R10: Biggest drama in this round comes from Harold Lederman suggesting Crawford could get the KO if he wasn't so complacent, only for Lampley and Kellerman to shred him for that comment for two minutes straight. As for Crawford and Postol - Postol continues to paw with the right and not catch much, while Crawford lands enough to get things done. 10-9 Crawford

R11: To his credit, Postol comes in to this round clearly knowing something has to change, and works to push the pressure on Crawford. He lands some decent punches, but gets a bit too wild, hits the back of the head, and referee Tony Weeks docks him a point. Crawford lands a clean combo at the end of the round to take what was otherwise the closest round since the 3rd. 10-8 Crawford

R12: Postol comes out hard, looking for the Hail Mary KO win. He throws hard and wild in the beginning and manages to land, but every time he does, Crawford lands as well - and Crawford has the power. By the last minute, Postol has given his last gasp, and Crawford closes the fight dancing and showboating. 10-9 Crawford

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