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Holm on teammate Jones' USADA situation: 'I always want the best for Jon'

Holly Holm doesn't believe that teammate Jon Jones' recent USADA issues have had any effect on life in the gym or her preparation for her UFC on Fox 20 bout.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Holly Holm has a lot to focus on right now with a headlining bout coming up Saturday night against Valentina Shevchenko at UFC on Fox 20. It's not always easy to keep things straight though, especially when your teammates are having issues and shining the spotlight on your camp. In this case, that was Holm's friend Jon Jones, who was pulled from UFC 200 due to a USADA violation.

In a media luncheon this week, Holm talked about the situation and how it hasn't been a distraction for her or her JacksonWink training partners (via MMA Fighting):

"There's always a lot going on, but when it comes to the actual gym, we get there and we work out hard and we train hard," Holm said. "Jon has actually been in the gym working out. He said he doesn't want to let anything stop him. We'll see what comes of the situation."


"I always want the best for Jon," Holm said. "He's always been very supportive and I feel like he's so much better and more patient than me in a lot of situations.

"I know how much he genuinely cares to do well and be well. I hope everything turns out well and we'll see what happens."

Jones has been temporarily suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission until the USADA decides on the situation. As mentioned, Holm fights in the main event tomorrow night in Chicago.

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