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The MMA Vivisection - UFC on Fox: Holm vs. Shevchenko picks, odds & analysis

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Zane Simon & Connor Ruebusch are back to give you all the insight you need for UFC on Fox 20. Everything from the main event between Holly Holm and Valentina Shevchenko to the prelim opener where Luis Henrique fights Dmitry Smolyakov. Complete with fight odds and picks.

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It's fight week again (which it almost always is these days) and the UFC is putting forth a less-than-stellar effort this week. Holly Holm, Edson Barboza, and Gilbert Melendez are all good strong, proven elite caliber fighters, but together they don't quite make the near-PPV level of entertainment we've come to expect from the UFC's Fox outings. Could it still be a fun card? Absolutely, but it's probably not something to bring in the casual audience that Fox is supposed to attract.

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Here's a look at the fight card as it stands right now:

Fox Main Card
Francis Ngannou vs. Bojan Mihajlović - 1:11:35

Fox Prelims

Fight Pass Prelims
Héctor Urbina vs. George Sullivan - 15:53
Luis Henrique vs. Dmitry Smolyakov - 6:37