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Edgar's coach responds to Aldo's spy claims: 'I should've been smart enough to adjust'

Frankie Edgar's coach Mark Henry pins the blame for their loss on himself, despite José Aldo's claims of having a spy in their training room during fight week.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

For many observers during UFC 200’s interim featherweight title fight, José Aldo was simply too much for Frankie Edgar to handle. But for the former long-time 145-pound champion, he says his victory was actually aided by some "spies" that he sent over Edgar’s training room during fight week.

"My hands were fast and dangerous. If I kicked him, he would have taken me down," Aldo said. "We had some spies over there that have been training with him all week and they would always come and talk to us. So I had to hold back my kicks and my left hand, because he could counter over it."

But for Edgar’s head coach Mark Henry, no one else but him should be blamed for the loss, whether Aldo’s claims of a spy are true or not.

"I don't care. I couldn't care less. I think we should have been able to adjust anyway," Henry said (via MMA Fighting). "I believe I should have adjusted no matter what he did. I should have been smart enough to adjust."

"Right after the fight was over, there were 20 things I thought about that I should have adjusted."

Henry has yet to watch the video of the fight, but even so, his feelings about the results remain the same.

"I still haven't seen it. I won't watch it unless Frankie fights him again. I just messed up. I failed Frankie. That is my honest opinion."

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