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Aldo says he had 'spies' in Edgar's training room to help him prepare for their UFC 200 fight

Jose Aldo says some spies helped him prepare to take on Frankie Edgar at UFC 200, and apparently this isn’t a one-time instance.

MMA: UFC 200-Aldo vs Edgar
Jose Aldo
Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo is happy with performance he was able to put on against Frankie Edgar at UFC 200. As the now UFC interim featherweight champion told Combate, he knew that he couldn't throw too many kicks, or he would be taken down.

However, Aldo also thanks the help of some spies he claims infiltrated Edgar's traning room during the UFC 200 fight week.

"I was happy,” Aldo said. “Everything I trained, be it boxing or Muay Thai, I was able to execute. Some good knees, some good right hands. We were able to connect just how we wanted to. We were very pleased. The only thing that makes me kind of sad is that I didn't kick so much. But there was a reason for that. I was fine with the fact that I was winning the fight even without kicking.

"My hands were fast and dangerous. If I kicked him, he would have taken me down. We had some spies over there that have been training with him all week and they would always come and talk to us. So I had to hold back my kicks and my left hand, because he could counter over it."

Not concerned with talking about spies in Edgar's room, Aldo says that's something he does every time his opponent has a Brazilian in his gym or corner.

"Thank God it always happens, man,” Aldo said. “There's always Brazilians in the other corner. I usually come to train on the first day and I watch the cornermenmen. If there's a Brazilian we try to talk to him right away and ask him to keep and eye out and get back to us. That helps us a lot."

Jose Aldo defeated Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision at UFC 200, on July 9, in Las Vegas.

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