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Cyborg suggests 'clown' Michael Page is taking too many cues from Conor McGregor

Now that Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos has had a few days to clear his head (literally), he's taken some time to give his thoughts on Michael Page's post KO antics at Bellator 158. Mostly, that he doesn't like them.

It's a little hard to know just what to take from Bellator 158. Or more particularly, it's difficult to know just what to take away from Michael "Venom" Page vs. Evangleista "Cyborg" Santos. The fight was supposed to represent a significant step up in competition for Page, whose fights to date have been almost entirely in the shallow end of the pool. That didn't end up being the case however, as Page KO'd Santos with a flying knee late in the second round, to seal his 11th straight victory and remain undefeated.

Beyond the new highlight for his collection, Page offered a new (and millennial targeted) post fight celebration in which he produced a pokeball and Pokemon hat and rolled the ball at his unconscious opponent, as though adding him to his collection. Tacky? Maybe. Fun? Perhaps. In poor taste? Well, Cyborg doesn't seem to pleased about it, and put some of the blame on the Conor McGregor influence in a recent interview with MMAFighting:

"Page proved he's a great athlete, a skillful striker," Santos told MMA Fighting. "He doesn't have a good ground game, and that's what I was planning on working on in the fight," Santos said, "but he's showing to be a douchebag because he doesn't respect his opponents before or after the fight. He's using bad people as influences.

"He could become a celebrity with his talent and look up to other athletes, instead of acting like this. This generation looks up to (Conor) McGregor as an influence, and it's not what being a competitor is about. Throwing things after the fight... Honestly, he's a clown. The way he behaves is not how a champion should behave. He's talented, yes. He's skillful. And he fought a great fight."

There's a lot more in there, including Santos' admission that he had no idea the extent of the damage to his skull until a nurse told him to "touch his face," his thoughts on Cris Cyborg's GoFundMe plea, the dangers of MMA, and his projects outside the cage. So, check the whole thing out.

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