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BE's Baddest Greatest MMA Wrestler: #2 Jon Jones vs #7 Dan Henderson

Vote now in the Bloody Elbow Baddest Tournament to determine the Greatest MMA Wrestler of All Time. Today's match-up: #2 Jon Jones vs. #7 Dan Henderson. Vote now!

June M. Williams

Say it with me folks... IIIIIIT'S TIME! The nominees are in, the field is set, and it's time to determine the BE's Baddest MMA Greatest Wrestler of All Time. Take a look at the full bracket below. Georges St. Pierre comes in as the overall #1 seed, with Ben Askren, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Daniel Cormier rounding out the top 4 slots. Before we begin, a reminder - this is NOT "who had the best amateur/Olympic credentials". This is "who best used wrestling in the sport of MMA." Define "best used wrestling" as you will.

Today, UFC 200 is around the corner, so let's start with one of that show's headliners as #2 seed Jon Jones takes on #7 seed Dan Henderson. Hopefully this match-up does not result in our entire tournament being cancelled. Cross your fingers. One of these champions moves on to the Sweet 16 and one bows out in the very first round - your vote determines the fate of each man.

In order to vote, simply leave a comment. In the subject line make sure you follow these guidelines:

To vote for Jon Jones write: Vote - Jones

To vote for Dan Henderson write: Vote - Henderson

Voting is open for 24 hours, so get your votes in now.

Updated tournament bracket (click to enlarge):

BE Baddest Wrestler Full Bracket

Thanks to June M. Williams for the tournament bracket graphic.

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