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Brother vs Brother Part 1: Bad Blood to shed inside WSOF cage

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Bloody Elbow spoke with Seattle's own superhero Phoenix Jones, a.k.a. Ben Fodor, detailing the bad blood that led to an upcoming bout with his own brother Caros Fodor at the World Series of Fighting 32.

The argument of whether or not teammates should fight each other is as hot of a topic as ever. Along with the competitors who have no reservations towards scrapping with cohorts, the sport of MMA has also seen such battles between comrades end in a sour state. So, what would happen in a bout between two warriors who were not only teammates, but brothers as well? Well, Ben Fodor, also known as Seattle's own superhero Phoenix Jones, is set to duke it out with his own brother, Caros Fodor, at World Series of Fighting 32 on July 30, 2016. Ben Fodor spoke with Bloody Elbow about the bad blood that led to the upcoming brother vs. brother showdown at WSOF 32.

Interview: Phoenix Jones a.k.a. Ben Fodor WSOF 32 **AUDIO ONLY**

When asked about how the match came to be, Ben Fodor had this to say:

"I get a call from [Ray] Sefo and Sefo is all like, ‘so I know you guys were talking about fighting each other. Your brother has already signed. He's down to go for the contract. We'll send you a contract over.' I was like, ‘What? What are you talking about?'"

Phoenix Jones World Series of Fighting

Phoenix Jones had some harsh words for his older brother Caros:

"I overhear him talking to friends about how he just lost his last fight in the World Series [of Fighting] so he's looking for like a ‘gimme fight'. He thinks I'm a ‘gimme fight'...and he needs the win bonus... He was just being a dick. Then I come to the gym and find out I can't train at AMC anymore because it makes a conflict of interest... Now I don't have a gym to train at. My training partner for the last couple years is no longer my training partner... and he's all not talking to me. I'm like fuck it. If you want to come at me like that then fuck you, I'm going to take you out... Apparently all this is some fucking show for you so you can act like a bitch and try to take advantage of our friendship so fuck you."

Ben Fodor, or Phoenix Jones, is set to take on his older brother Caros Fodor at a catchweight of 162 pounds. To witness what happens when brothers do battle in a cage, tune in to World Series of Fighting 32 on July 30, 2016. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for full event coverage including, previews, results, highlights, and more! Video of this interview can be seen at the top of the page.

Phoenix Jones World Series of Fighting

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