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If I Did It: Brock busted, Cyborg's eggshell, Kanye vs Taylor Swift, M.I.A. vs Black Lives Matter

Welcome to IF I DID IT where we analyze and solve PR kerfuffles from the world of MMA and beyond. This week we look at Brock Lesnar's UFC 200 drug test failure, the shattering eggshell that is Evangelista Cyborg's skull after Venom Page kneed it to pieces, Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift and more.

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Alexei Auld is back with a brand new book available 7 Secret Sources of Inspiration: A Snappy Guide for Creative Procrastinators to grill Eugene S. Robinson (who's pushing a GoFundMe to pay for the new Oxbow album) and myself with some PR stumpers from the world of combat sports.

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Today's puzzlers include:

  • At 1:33 - You're the UFC. Your main eventer Brock Lesnar got popped for a potential anti-doping violation. And who really suffered? His UFC 200 opponent Mark Hunt. Once he ran to you, now he runs from you. This tainted fight you've given, he gave you all a fighter could give you. You gonna let him pack his things and go? Or will you make things right with money he needs to hold him tight?
  • At 15:50 - You're Bellator. Michael Venom Page gave you a highlight-reel KO and a viral Pokemon post fight celebration. Then news broke that it came at the cost of opponent Cyborg Santos' skull which was fractured in the fracas. On the heels of Dada 5000's near death experience, is this PR just not worth it or do you "(Pokemon) Go" with it because the time is right?
  • At 31:35 - You're Taylor Swift. TMZ recently revealed that you allegedly threatened to criminally prosecute Kanye West for illegally recording a phone call with you if he failed to "immediately destroy all such recordings, provide us of assurance that this has been done, and also assurance that these recordings have not been previously disseminated." Now that his wife Kim Kardashian-West revealed the recording on her tv show, you've become the butt of the joke. Is it time for you to tap into Kardashian family history by making Kanye an OJ?
  • At 38:17 - You're rapper M.I.A. You were removed from headlining the AfroPunk festival in London in wake of your belittling anti-Black Lives Matter tweet. With allegations of being a clueless culture vulture, is it better PR for your brand to murder or let go?
  • At 49:40 - You're Turkey President Erdogan. After overcoming a failed military coup last week, you've rounded up at least six-thousand plotters. According to the BBC, you've pledged to move Turkey forward in "unity and solidarity" reinstating the death penalty. "We cannot delay this anymore because in this country, those who launch a coup will have to pay the price for it." Is there any other currency you'll accept or must they pay the iron price?
  • At 57:34 - TEACHABLE MOMENT: You're the reigning Playmate of the Year and radio personality Dani Mathers. Last week you posted a body shaming shower pic that wasn't just tasteless, it was criminal. LA Fitness not only called the cops, they banned you from all their facilities. You've been suspended from your KLOS radio show job. And your apology fell on deaf ears. What can we learn from your shameful shituation?


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