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Bob Arum: 'There is much more drug abuse in MMA than boxing'

Top Rank Promotions chief Bob Arum compares the performance enhancing drug use between boxers and MMA fighters.

UFC 200 has been marred by failed drug tests, with Brock Lesnar being the most recent name added to the list. The former UFC heavyweight champion failed an out-of-competition test that was taken on June 28th, a week before fight night.

Many people around the fight game are vocal about their opinions about the said issue. Nate Diaz, among others, gave his usual candid response to Jon Jones’ own failed drug test. Most recently, Top Rank Promotions head honcho Bob Arum also joined the fray, expressing his agreement on Diaz’s statement about "everyone being on steroids."

"I think there’s something inherently wrong in the UFC, with so many of the UFC fighters getting busted for drugs," the 84-year-old veteran promoter told Fight Hub. "I don’t know what the reason is, while we do have drug abuse in boxing, it is nowhere near the level that it is on mixed martial arts. Nowhere near that level."

"There’s probably truth in a statement like that (of Diaz’s). Not like everyone, but I’m sure that in UFC, in MMA, there is much much more drug use from the athletes than (what) exists in boxing. In boxing, it’s pretty well-controlled."

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