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Show Money 11: The UFC purchase round-up

The Show Money crew is back to spew their sometimes educated, sometimes random theories on the only show exclusively dedicated to the business of MMA.

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The Show Money crew is Paul the economist, Jason the lawyer, and John the man who knows everyone and everything in MMA. Today's episode is dedicated to the UFC sale. Is the $4 billion valuation appropriate? What do we know about WME-IMG? How might the UFC expand in China? Are fighters interchangeable parts? What should they expect from WME-IMG and what can they do about their pay? What's the legacy of Zuffa with the Fertittas? Does the sale signal anything about the antitrust lawsuit or the proposed Ali Act for MMA? Finally, what's the future with the new owners?

For those interested in specific parts, we start with thoughts on the UFC's $4 billion valuation, then John shares an inside view of WME-IMG at 12:05, what to expect from WME-IMG and China is discussed at 13:42, WME-IMG and fighters at 20:42, what fighters can do on the pay side at 31:02, whether fighters are interchangeable parts at 46:25, how we'll remember the Fertittas' Zuffa is at 56:00, what the sale means for the antitrust lawsuit and Muhammad Ali Expansion Act in to MMA is at 1:09:22, what we think of the future with the new owners is at 1:17:52, and we close by learning about Brock Lesnar's failed drug test at 1:26:11.

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