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Bellator star Michael 'Venom' Page wants to revolutionize the sport

'MVP' wants to revolutionize the sport with his striking the same way Royce Gracie did with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the early 90's.

Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Although Paul Daley vs. Douglas Lima was billed as the main attraction for Bellator 158's London event last night, everyone was tuning in for Michael Venom Page.

Page, who has been training in martial arts since his childhood, has emerged as one of the most flamboyant athletes in the sport. The Englishman has dazzled audiences with his unorthodox and flashy striking, often using dance moves to set up some of his knockouts.

Page continued to entertain at Bellator 158, extending his MMA resume to 11-0 by knocking out Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos with a flying knee in the second round. The 29-year-old seems to be a born entertainer, sending Facebook into a frenzy with his pokemon-inspired post-fight celebration. "I just caught me a Cyborg," Page said in the post-fight interview after rolling a pokemon ball to his downed opponent.

Although MVP has gained traction as one of the leading talents outside of the UFC, many have critcized the Londoner for fighting outmatched opponents. Cyborg, who is reported to have suffered a fractured skull from last night's knockout, is 3-3 in his last six but is a veteran of 19 years.

Page adressed some of the critics at a media scrum in London, claiming that he's more interested in revolutionizing the sport with his striking than collecting world titles. According to Page, he wants to do to striking what Royce Gracie did to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since the UFC's inception in 1993.

"So many people have titles," Page said, per MMA Junkie. "Not everyone can create a legacy in a sport.

"My standup style is completely different than anybody out there. That's the kind of thing I want. The way the Gracies - Royce is here somewhere - what he did to the sport of MMA is what I want to do to the sport of MMA."

The kickboxing world champion is in no rush for a title shot, claiming that things will align themselves naturally as long as he continues to impress.

"Everyone's like, ‘Oh, you need to fight this person,'" Page said. "It will happen, and when it happens, that's the kind of stuff that I'm going to be doing.

"I don't chase titles. I genuinely feel the title will come to me when it comes to me. If I keep doing what I'm doing, it will come to me. Put as many people as you want before me. Let them have fun. When I'm ready to step in there, it will come to me."

Following Paul Daley's loss to Douglas Lima in the main event, Bellator president Scott Coker could bump up Page's competition by booking a fight with 'Semtex'.

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