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Video: Michael Page KO's opponent with flying knee, captures him with pokeball

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Pokemon Go in MMA? Michael Page had another highlight reel finish, but this time, it's his celebration that's going viral.

Michael Page added another finish to his highlight reel, stopping an experienced veteran in 'Cyborg' Evangelista Santos with a flying knee at Bellator 158. While the KO was certainly an impressive one, it's his celebration that is going viral due to the current Pokemon Go craze.

Watch 'Venom' land the flying knee then attempt to capture his opponent with a pokeball:

Page, who has always been known for his flashy moves and in-cage antics, improved to 11-0 in his career. Cyborg, the ex husband of Invicta champ Cris Cyborg, lost his second fight in a row to drop to 21-18 in his career.

Although probably unknown to Page and the viewers at the time, Cyborg suffered a bad injury after taking that knee. After the show ended, reports came out that Santos had to be rushed to the hospital because of a cranial fracture.

Full results and play-by-play from Bellator 158 can be found here.