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Ronda Rousey wants you to know she's 'fine not being perfect' in latest Reebok ad

It looks like the promotional campaign for Ronda Rousey's UFC return is gearing up with her latest #PerfectNever Reebok ad.

When Ronda Rousey lost to Holly Holm at UFC 193 it wasn't just the end of an era, it was the end of an MMA career built on perfection. Ronda Rousey turned pro back in 2011 and blitzed her first four years and twelve fights of competition, building a 12-0 record and winning a Strikeforce bantamweight title along the way (which would later turn into a UFC title). Rousey defended her combined championship a total of seven times. Since then, no fighter has defended the UFC belt even once, successfully.

Of course, Ronda Rousey did lose. She ran headlong (literally) into Holly Holm's foot, losing the title, breaking her streak, and ending her perfect record. Now, with Amanda Nunes besting Miesha Tate at UFC 200 for her own claim at the belt, it looks like Rousey is gearing up for a comeback. She's spent the better part of the last year on the sidelines, healing up, restoring her confidence, and working on her Hollywood career.

In her latest Reebok ad, though, Rousey took aim at the idea of her perfect past and how she's putting it behind her for her UFC return. There's no word, just yet, on when Rousey will be returning to the Octagon, but with the UFC's first ever show in New York (at Madison Square Garden) out on the horizon, it's not unreasonable to think fans might expect Rousey back late this year.