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Michael 'Venom' Page hopes that Brexit won't impact his MMA businesses

Page fights in his home country this Friday at Bellator 158 against Evangelista Santos.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Michael Page will be fighting in the United Kingdom for the first time since 2012 at Bellator 158. A lot has changed since the last time Page fought in his home country, with the biggest change being Britain's exit from the European Union.

It's no surprise that on top of being a fighter and self marketer/promoter that Page has also dabbled in business ventures. He is the director of Hands Down Martial Arts, and operates several academies in England.

"We've got our martial arts clubs over here. A lot of times when things like this happen the first thing people let go of is their leisure.We're in that tier where people prefer to not be in gyms and fitness clubs to save money," Page told Bloody Elbow.

Last month, 33.5 million British citizens voted in a referendum to decide whether or not Britain would remain in the European Union. Just under 52% of the voters cast their ballot to leave, resulting in Britain's exit from the EU.

"I think everyone's just a bit rocked at the moment because of the decision. It hasn't really affected anything just yet, but I'm just trying to figure out what potentially could happen, keeping our ears to the ground to hear what's ahead."

Page admits that he doesn't closely follow politics, but he does know that the decision to leave the European Union will have a giant impact on Britain's economy. He's worried that many of the people who voted to leave the EU made the decision without the proper amount of knowledge.

"A lot of people, as much as they voted, don't know what it means, which I find weird. They are now doing their research after the decision. I'm sure it's best to do it the other way around. For me I have to figure out what it means personally, for my businesses and for feeding my family and we'll make it work for us."

Despite the uncertainty of the decision, Page is just happy to be back fighting in his home country.

"I'm buzzing to be back, and not just to be back and to be fighting with another local show, but to be back with Bellator, a massive organization in the world of MMA! I'm excited!"

Bellator 158 takes place this Friday at the O2 Arena in London, England. The card is headlined by British Welterweight Paul Daley, who faces former Bellator Champion Douglas Lima.

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