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UFC 200: Jon Jones lost '8-figure payday', will test supplements for banned substances

Jon Jones' camp is having his supplements tested for banned substances.

Brock Lesnar's disclosed salary at UFC 200 was the highest in the history of the promotion, but according to Jon Jones' manager, his client was supposed to earn higher than that. The light heavyweight champion failed his drug test, and not only did he lose a chance to regain his title, he also lost a massive payday.

"You're talking about an eight-figure payday," Malki Kawa told MMA Fighting (29 min mark). "Eight figures. Conor (McGregor) can talk about whatever he gets and all of that, Jon is by far the highest paid guy in the UFC, and the numbers that were shown that day for everybody from Brock (Lesnar) and the way down, Jon was making more than all of that."

Jones reportedly tested positive for two banned substances, and while there are reports that it was for estrogen blockers, his camp has declined to reveal them for now. They suspect that Jones tested positive because of tainted supplements, and are currently trying to test what he took during camp for banned substances before revealing it to the public.

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"Jon, at no point in time, was a cheater, has never cheated, has never taken any substance that he knowingly knew of that was on the banned list," he said.

"You take supplements, it could be anything. You could take freaking protein powder in a basic form, BCAAs, anything, and if it's tainted with anything -- the thing is people don't understand, these supplements get made in manufacturing plants, and although it's just supposed to be protein, the batch before that might've been some sort of testosterone booster that had some something illegal in it. So, if they don't clean the machines out and all of a sudden that can be in that batch."

"It came from something," Kawa said. "I can tell you that much, whether it's a supplement, there's medication that he took that was prescribed to him by a doctor -- it could've from there. There's a whole bunch of different things that lead to these things across all athletes. So as this point right now, I don't know. I have an idea, but I have to get that tested before I can sit there and say it."

Jones, who's B sample also tested positive, could be facing a 2-year suspension if found guilty by USADA.