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Dana White on UFC sale: 'It's a lot more work for me'

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UFC President Dana White expects his work load to double once the new company owners take over.

Rumors about the UFC sale ended on Sunday, after it was all made official that WME-IMG, Silver Lake, KKR, and MSD capital bought the company from the Fertitta brothers for $4 billion. Dana White, however, will remain as the president of the organization.

While his stake at the company may have rightfully decreased, White says he is expecting his work load to actually be increase, once the new set-up is in place.

"I'm stepping forward I'm not stepping back. With Lorenzo leaving, it's a lot more work for me," White told KLAS. "Lorenzo and I used to divide and conquer. With him gone, I'm going to have to pick up a lot of the stuff he used to do."

The company’s big move has garnered mixed reactions from fighters. While some welcome the change, it did not sit well with a few others. But for his part, White believes the company can only flourish with the new direction they are headed for.

"As far as the sport, the brand and the athletes -- it's gonna be big," White said with confidence. "It's gonna be big for everybody."