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Sullivan: 'I'm swinging for the goddamn fences' to get UFC contract renewed

Ahead of his UFC on Fox 20 bout with Hector Urbina, George Sullivan spoke with Bloody Elbow about his preparation for this fight, 3 straight southpaws, and why he wants a rematch with Tim Means.

The feature prelim matchup for UFC on FOX 20: Holm vs Schevchenko on JULY 23, 2016 will be ground and pound aficionado George Sullivan taking on the finish happy Hector Urbina in the UFC welterweight division. Bloody Elbow caught up with George Sullivan to discuss him finally facing an orthodox opponent after 3 straight southpaws, his preparation for Urbina, plus Tim Means and the ever popular topic of performance enhancing drugs.

Interview: George Sullivan UFC on Fox 20 **AUDIO ONLY**

George Sullivan has already faced a trio of southpaw fighters thus far in his 2.5 year UFC career. This is what Sullivan had to say about finally receiving a rumble with a 'righty' in Hector "El Toro" Urbina:

"I can't wait. I'm so excited. Most guys fight a southpaw once every couple of years. Here you go you have me fighting three in a row. I'm like come on guys, give me a righty. But yea, I can't wait."

When asked about the outcome of his upcoming UFC on Fox 20 tilt with Urbina, Sullivan stated that he his seeking to put "El Toro" to sleep:

"I'm going for the knockout as I always do. I'm hungry and i'm mad. Not getting that second paycheck sucked. I'm hungry. We fight to get that renewal contract. So basically I have 2 fights to show them to keep me so i'm swinging for the goddamn fences. I'm looking for a home run."

George Sullivan is pretty sure that his UFC on Fox 15 opponent, Tim Means, was also on performance enhancing drugs during their bout back in April of 2015:

"I really don't know what he was taking. I think it's funny that several guys all got popped for the same type of supplement. The first thing that I did as a professional, everything that I was taking, I had approved. I told them what I was taking. I told the UFC. I've been on the same stuff. All the vitamins and supplements I take from the Nutrishop have been with me for the last 10 fights so I know I'm safe. You put something new in your body... you're putting yourself at risk. So was he probably on the same exact shit? Absolutely. Did he know it was bad at the time? Maybe not. But I don't think he just randomly chose that one fight camp after mine to get caught on it; because they started drug testing more after I fought him... USADA took over and boom you get caught."

Check out UFC welterweight George Sullivan take on Hector Urbina at UFC on FOX 20: Holm vs Schevchenko from Chicago, Illinois on July 23, 2016. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for full event coverage including previews, play-by-play, results, highlights, and more! The full interview video can be seen at the top of the page.

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