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Hunt on Brock Lesnar loss at UFC 200: 'I don't know how he makes 265'

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt gave his thoughts on his unanimous decision loss to WWE star and former UFC champ Brock Lesnar after their fight at UFC 200.

UFC 200 marked a massive return for the UFC. What was originally supposed to feature Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2, and then Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 2, and finally Miesha Tate vs. Amanda Nunez became, first and foremost, a showcase for former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. The UFC caused one hell of a stir back in early June with the announcement that Lesnar would be returning to the promotion after more than four years away. Once they said he was fighting Mark Hunt questions immediately arose about just how well fans could expect Lesnar to do after so much time on the sidelines.

Turns out, he did just fine, besting Hunt for a 3-round unanimous decision victory. After the fight, the "Super Samoan" spoke to Submission Radio about fighting Lesnar and why exactly he lost. The first thing he wanted to make clear was that he was absolutely 100% healthy for the fight:

"No, there was no injures," Hunt assured Sub Radio. "I just got caught, couldn't get out of first gear. He was the bigger man and he caught me, you know? Props to him. I just couldn't get him. He was such a big guy."

After that, a lot of what went wrong seems to have come down to size. Lesnar is just too big, and too strong:

"Look man, I just got caught, you know?" Hunt reiterated. "I couldn't get out of first gear. He's such a big guy, I thought I would be able to stop his takedowns, where his strength was. But he is quite strong. I don't know how he makes 265 is all I can say."

As for what's next? Hunt sounded reasonably enthusiastic about the chances of competing on the UFC's upcoming Australia card this fall:

"Yeah, I got to get back to training, man."

So, while he may have hit a "jacked white boy" shaped road block at UFC 200, fans of Hunto shouldn't worry. It seems he'll be back in the gym and getting ready to compete in short order.

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