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Nate Diaz: If anybody gets busted and hides it, it's f----ng steroids

Nate Diaz was once again vocal about his opinions on his fellow UFC fighters and banned substances.

Former long-time light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was pulled off from the UFC 200 main event slot after testing positive for banned substances. And as of this posting, the said substances have not been specified.

Lightweight contender Nate Diaz has always been candid about his thoughts regarding PED use in the UFC. So much so that he even went as far as accusing the entire roster of being on steroids.

In his recent interview with Andy Nesbitt of FOX Sports’ "The Buzzer", the Stockton, California native touched on the various PED positive tests in the UFC, in relation to his elder brother Nick who was initially slapped with a five-year ban due to cannabis use.

"No one ever says what people get busted for when they test positive for steroids," Diaz said. "But when Nick got busted, ‘what did Nick Diaz get suspended for? Cannabis.’ How come we all know that? How come it never goes away? How come it’s repeatedly talked about?"

"But when certain fighters start popping for steroids, they’re like ‘he tested positive for a banned substance. What banned substance? We don’t know.’"

"Silva, when he f----ng (said) he (was) taking Viagra or some sh-t. So any time we want to say that we didn’t do steroids, we say we’re popping Viagra? I ain’t buying it."

"If anybody gets busted for something (and) no one’s saying what it is, it’s f----ng steroids. You’re all on steroids."

Diaz also maintains that he is clean from any other substance, except for cannabis. But he did also say that he may be open to PED use in the future.

"You can test me every day of the year," Diaz challenged. "Piss loaded with cannabis, no steroids. You ain’t gonna catch no steroids in me for the rest of my life."

"I can’t say that, maybe (when) I’m 60 and don’t work no more, (I'll) just take a steroid."