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UFC 200 Video Highlights: Brock Lesnar dominates Mark Hunt

Check out the full fight video highlights for the UFC 200 co-main event between Brock Lesnar and Mark Hunt.

Brock Lesnar, who competed on the UFC 100 landmark show, returned from retirement and defeated Mark Hunt in the co-main event of UFC 200.

Check out the highlights:

R2: Hunt walks Lesnar into a corner with a low level and an uppercut cocked. Hunt darts forward to glance with a right upstairs. Now a half-blocked lead hook from Hunt. Lesnar twice finds himself cornered and shoots a defensive takedown, and both are easily sidestepped by Hunt. Another glancing right hand to the head from Hunt.

Lesnar tries to duck under the next punch but Hunt spins out of range. Hunt is looking to sight in his left hook but allowing Lesnar to circle out without cutting him off. Lesnar shoots a takedown and Hunt stuffs it with an under-hook. 10-9 Hunt.

R3: Lesnar, again backed into a corner, shoots a double leg, but this time he turns the corner and yanks Hunt's hips off the cage to finish it. Full mount for Lesnar with short lefts to the face. Hunt goes onto his right hip but Lesnar's base is way too heavy. Lesnar lands a volley of lefts to the face.

Full mount with double grapevines for Lesnar, and he starts thudding endless right hands to the head of Hunt. Though Hunt does his best to block or deflect most of the shots, Lesnar just bases down and unleashes more heavy rights. Lesnar goes back to half guard to land a few left forearms. 10-8 Lesnar. I have it 29-27 Lesnar.