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UFC 200 results: Daniel Cormier takes tepid decision over Anderson Silva

Daniel Cormier used a stifling wrestling game to shut down Anderson Silva at UFC 200.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Daniel Cormier didn't bring his most entertaining game to the cage tonight, but he did what it took to beat Anderson Silva in a feature bout at UFC 200. When the bout was on the feet, it was entertaining. But it wasn't there long - Cormier's wrestling game led him to put Silva on the floor and keep him there for a large majority of the 15 minutes. Silva had some moments in the third round, but it was mostly all Cormier overall.

All three judges had it 30-26 for Cormier.

The first round was all Cormier, as expected. Anderson got taken down and DC grinded away on top for the whole round. Silva didn't sustain much damage, but he had nothing in the way of offense at all.

The second started with some promise, as the two men engaged at range. Anderson landed a couple of kicks and was just getting some bounce in his step when Cormier caught him and put him back on the mat. They stayed there for three-odd minutes, until the ref finally stood them up. The two men exchanged some decent shots until Cormier tied him up against the cage for the rest of the round.

Like the second, the third started with some entertainment. Silva landed a jumping switch kick and some rights, while Cormier bombed him with his own right. But Cormier played it safe and took it right back down again, to the crowd's dismay. Big John stood them up with two minutes to go. Silva connected with a kick to the body that seemed to stun Cormier, but he grabbed Anderson against the cage and held on to the horn.

It wasn't pretty, but it was effective for Cormier.

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