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UFC 200 Highlights: Cain Velasquez TKOs Travis Browne in Round 1

Check out the full fight video highlights for the UFC 200 main card fight between Cain Velasquez and Travis Browne.

Cain Velasquez kicked off the landmark UFC 200 show with an impressive technical knockout win against Travis Browne. The former two-time UFC heavyweight champion dominated the entire affair and finished his opponent within the opening frame.

Check out the highlights above:

R1: Browne counters a pair of low kicks from Velasquez with a sharp right counter to the face. Now a counter-knee to the body from Browne as Velasquez forces a clinch, and Velasquez returns the favor with a knee to the gut. Velasquez lands a few short lefts before disengaging. Outside low kick lands to the upper thigh for the former champ. Cain follows a cross/hook combo into the clinch but, again, backs off to reset.

Velasquez throws a spinning kick and dings Browne with a punch, then sends him sailing to the canvas with a right hand. Half guard for Velasquez with busy left hands to the face. Browne starts to turtle but a choke attempt prompts him to roll onto his back. Browne takes a knee but Velasquez knocks out his arm post. Browne gets back to his feet and manages to separate, just missing with a hard left hook. Velasquez misses with another spinning kick but scores with an uppercut and a knee to the body. Velasquez bowls Browne over with a combination of pressure, power and jack-hammer right hands, and Browne stays flat on his stomach as Velasquez unreels punches to the head. The ref jumps in.