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The MMA Prospectus: UFC 200 event week - Brooks, Choi, & Northcutt

Zane Simon & T.P. Grant dive into the world of MMA prospects and fighter development as we gear up for one of the biggest UFC event weeks of the year. This time we're focusing on Will Brooks, DooHo Choi, Sage Northcutt and the other young fighters of UFC Vegas, TUF 23 Finale, and UFC 200.

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There's almost no MMA going on this week. Not just in the US, but worldwide. It is the definition of a dead fight week. So, what else is there for us over at the MMA Prospectus to do than focus on next week and the triple-header of UFC events featuring some of the best up and coming fighters in the sport of MMA. The big three we're focusing on are Sage Northcutt, Will Brooks, and Dooho Choi.

Brooks is making his UFC debut after vacating the Bellator lightweight title. Northcutt is looking to bounce back from the first loss of his pro career, against Brian Barberena, and DooHo is just looking to keep the ball rolling as he moves up the featherweight division.

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Quick and dirty prospect list:

Ryuhei Nakamoto vs. Yusuke Tamashiro

REC Combat
Samara Santos

Superstar Fight
Musu Nuertiebieke
Sai Wang
Bo Meng

Xiaoliang Zheng
Alexey Butorin

Road FC
Soo Chul Kim
Kai Asakura

Kevin Aguilar vs. Tony Kelley

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